Why is redetermination of benefits important?

  • System benefits are determined at one point in time, with no provision for inflation over time. The cost of a repair cannot exceed the total value of benefits to the drainage system on record.
  • The drainage system repair fund limit is 20% of the total assessed benefits of the system, or $100,000 whichever is greater.
  • There are lands draining into systems which are benefited by the system but are not being assessed for benefits.
  • A petition for repair or improvement will trigger a redetermination to insure construction and maintenance costs are distributed fairly among all acres within the drainage system.
  • As new private drainage outlets are added into public drainage systems, the total benefits of the system and the relative benefits to land parcels and other infrastructure changes. 
  • All benefiting lands will carry their fair share of the burden they place upon the drainage system.
  • After redetermination, all future expenditures are allocated to the properties using the drainage system in a fair and equitable manner, by assessment on the property tax statement.
  • Benefits reflect current land values.

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