Planning & Zoning

The Faribault County Zoning Ordinance divides the county into zoning districts for the purpose of regulating structures and use of the land. The purpose of defining these districts was to minimize conflict between incompatible uses and to provide for orderly development. Each district includes a definition of how the land may be used, such as lot area, size of buildings, and setbacks. By defining the regulations and uses within each district, the county hopes to encourage the most appropriate use of the land while respecting economic and environmental values, and recognizing rights of property owners and land use patterns.

While each district allows for a specific number of permitted uses, there are additional uses, called conditional uses, which may be allowed subject to a public hearing process. For more information on conditional uses or variances, or to obtain a copy of the application form, contact the Planning and Zoning Office.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sara Hauskins Planning & Zoning Administrator
Linda Adams Administrative Assistant