County Attorney

Mission Statement

The mission of the Faribault County Attorney’s Office is to provide excellent legal representation to county government, to aggressively and fairly prosecute those who violate the law, and to advocate the cause of justice so that Faribault County is a safe and healthy place to live, work, and grow.

Responsibilities & Duties

The County Attorney is the chief prosecutor in Faribault County.  The County Attorney’s Office prosecutes all felonies and juvenile delinquencies as well as some misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor crimes committed in Faribault County. In addition, the County Attorney serves as legal counsel to the Faribault County Board of Commissioners and other county officials with respect to matters in which the County is interested. The County Attorney is the Responsible Authority for purposes of Data Practice within Faribault County. The County Attorney’s Office is also charged with protecting vulnerable adults and children by representing Human Services of Faribault and Martin Counties in adult and child protection cases as well as child support cases and civil commitments.

Crime Victims

Men, women, and children all feel the devastating impact of crime. The Faribault County Attorney’s Office employs a Victim/Witness Coordinator to assist crime victims as they navigate the criminal justice system. The Coordinator works with Faribault County victims before, during, and after a criminal proceeding to help victims with accessing needed services after they experience a crime.

Civil Advice

The County Attorney’s Office is not authorized to provide legal advice to private citizens. Some examples of private civil matters are:

  • Boundary line disputes;
  • Collection of judgments;
  • Conservatorships;
  • Dissolutions;
  • Landlord/tenant disputes;
  • Private Covenants;
  • Probate/Wills.