Real Estate Records

Faribault County was established in 1856. The Faribault County Recorder is the custodian of all legal records pertaining to real estate located in Faribault County. There are two real estate recording systems in Minnesota. The most common system is used for Abstract property. The second system is Torrens Title property. Each system has different requirements for the different documents. Over 400 different types of real estate documents are recorded in the Faribault County Recorder’s Office.

Real Estate records are available over the internet using Laredo/Tapestry. Laredo access starts at a fee of $60 per month plus $.35 per image printed at your office. To access our records using Laredo you will need to contact our office for a user agreement. Tapestry allows searchers access as needed. For more information on Laredo/Tapestry please use this link.

Real Estate records start July 1, 1856. Records indexed by Grantee/Grantor Index and Legal Description. Computerized Indexing started January 1, 1995. Images of recorded documents, except Torrens documents, are available over the internet using Laredo/Tapestry starting September 1, 2003 and forward.

The Faribault County Recorder’s Office now accepts ALL abstract document types for eRecording. Please be sure to fax or email your supporting documents such as Septic forms and Well Certificates. They CANNOT be scanned as part of the document presented for eRecording. We do not accept Torrens documents for eRecording at this time.