Minnesota Statute 273.08 requires that the Assessor's Office view properties at least once every five years for property tax assessment purposes.  Staff from the County Assessor's Office will take photos and view houses and outbuildings in your township or neighborhood over the next few months and will have county identification with them.

The Assessor's Office provides for the equitable assessment of real and personal property in Faribault County as provided by state laws and regulations.  It estimates the value and determines the classification of all county property.  The assessment is based upon appraisals and reviews done by the appraisal staff.  Our office maintains property data on all parcels in Faribault County. 

Staff Contacts

Brady Rauenhorst

County Assessor

(507) 526-6202

Kara Bendickson

Property Appraiser

(507) 526-6204

Isabella Nelson

Property Appraiser

(507) 526-6205

Lori Mehrhof

Sr Tech Administrative Asst

(507) 526-6203

Steve Robbins

Office Support

(507) 526-6207