Building Permits

A building permit is required to construct or alter, in respect to height or area, any building. Fees are determined by the project being completed and are collected when a building permit is obtained.

Building Pemits are needed for:
  • New Construction (dwelling, detached garage, building > 150 sq. ft., grain bin, or other structure)
  • Expansion or addition to existing structure (deck, attached garage, enclosed or covered porch, addition)
  • Accessory Structure (gazebo, pool, building < 150 sq. ft.)
  • Construction, alteration, and movement of buildings
Building Pemits are NOT needed for:
  • Non-Structural (reshingling, residing, window replacement, internal remodeling) 

All building permits must meet setback and minimum lot size requirements. In addition, all applications must submit a Certificate of Compliance before the application can be approved. This includes proof that the system has been maintained (pumped or measured) within the last 3 years.

Contact Planning & Zoning at 507-526-2388 for more information. Please call to make an appointment for a building permit application if you do not have a Certificate of Compliance and Pumping Form, or are unsure if you meet current setback and lot size requirements.