Soil Health

Conservation tillage + cover crops
Conservation tillage with cover crops
Cost Share*

Faribault County landowners can request financial and technical assistance for the implementation of cover crops and strip till. The program provides up to 75% or a flat rate of the total eligible costs of a practice. The SWCD Board of Supervisors approves or denies all cost share contract requests. A contract between the SWCD and landowner needs to be approved before the project can begin.  Landowners are reimbursed upon completion of the project.

*Subject to available funding.  Some practices may need to be located in a priority area or watershed.

Education & Outreach
Technical Assistance

Cover crop planning is available to Faribault County landowners.  This may include cover crop selection; seeding rate, method, and timing; and termination guidelines.  Each plan will be specific to the producers needs, desired outcomes, and based on next years cash crop. A list of applicators and seed vendors is also available.

Staff may also meet with producers to do an in field soil health assessment. This may include infiltration tests, documentation of soil structure, worm counts, and slake tests, among others. Call to make an appointment.