SWCD Board of Supervisors

The SWCD is governed by a board of 5 elected supervisors. Supervisors are elected by nomination district on the general ballot. The Board holds its regularly scheduled Board Meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at 8:30 a.m. in the SWCD office, unless otherwise posted.

District 1 - Jeff Bell, Chairman
Townships - Elmore, Jo Daviess, Pilot Grove, Rome, Seely
Committees - Personnel, Budget, Education/Public Relations, Soil Health
Term Expires - 2020 

District 2 - Dave Mathews, Treasurer
Townships - Blue Earth, Emerald, Prescott
Committees - Budget
Term Expires - 2022 

District 3 - Randy Feist, Vice Chairman
Townships - Brush Creek, Clark, Foster, Kiester, Walnut Lake
Committees - Education/Public Relations
Term Expires - 2022

District 4 - Neal Mensing, Secretary
Townships - Delavan, Verona, Winnebago
Committees - Personnel, GBERBA, Soil Health
Term Expires - 2020 

District 5 - Bill Anderson, Public Relations
Townships - Barber, Dunbar, Lura, Minnesota Lake
Committees - SCTSA
Term Expires - 2022