2019 Outstanding Conservationist

Andy & Lindsay Linder family, Don & Nancy Linder
Andy & Lindsay Linder family, Don & Nancy Linder

Don and Andy Linder, Linder Family Farms, are Faribault County's 2019 Outstanding Conservationist. They grow corn, soybeans and recently implemented small grains back into their rotation.

Linder Family Farms has been operating near Easton since 1866. Their first trial with cover crops started five years ago interseeding cereal rye into soybeans. Today they utilize cover crops on every acre of their farm and have sold all their tillage equipment. This past year, along with cover crops, they introduced grazing following their small grain harvest.

Andy and Don also started a cover crop seed and application business that has applied over 8,000 acres this year alone. Linder Family Farms are good stewards of the land and conservation leaders in their community.

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