Visiting Hours and Rules

Inmate Visiting


Video Visiting can be compleated using Turnkey and Reliance Telephone over the internet.

Visiting Hours:
Monday7:00pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday1:00pm to 4:00pm
Friday2:00pm to 5:00pm

  1. All visitors MUST be preapproved to visit before a visit will be allowed.
  2. Each inmate is allowed only two (2) visits per day, if time allows.
  3. Each Visitor is alowed 2 visits per scheduled visiting hours.
  4. Inmates awaiting initial court appearance will not be allowed to visit.
  5. Only one visitor allowed to visit at a time, unless it’s a legal guardian to a minor.
  6. Minors will be allowed to visit immediate family only and must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  7. Visitors that have been an inmate of the Faribault County Jail in the last 3 months will not be approved to visit, unless visit is with immediate family member.
  8. Visitors that are on supervised release, probation or on any supervision status by court must have written approval by the supervising authority.
  9. All visitors must provide proper identification each time they visit. Identification must be a US government or state identification; other forms of ID are not accepted.
  10. Minors that wish to visit immediate family must provide documentation of relation with this application. The legal guardian must also complete the application process.
  11. Visiting may be canceled at any time, without notice.
  12. Visiting is considered a privilege.
  13. Contact visiting is NOT allowed.
  14. Applications that are incomplete or illegible will be denied.
  15. Applications may take up to one (1) week to process.
  16. Information provided here will be verified. This includes but not limited to a criminal history, warrant check and verification with court.
  17. A separate application must be made for each inmate that you want to visit and for each stay of the inmate.