Inmate Phone System

Inmate Phone System:

The inmate phones are supplied by Reliance Telephone system. Please go to their web site for rate information. All phone calls are either collect or by phone card. Phone cards may be purchased either through the Reliance Telephone website or by the inmate through the jail commissary. Phone cards purchased other places will not work. All calls except attorney calls are subject to monitoring and are recorded. There are a limited number of places that the inmate can call without a charge; these are probation agents and attorneys for the inmate.

Inmate Messages:

Correctional Staff will NOT deliver phone messages. Staff will also not deliver a message to have the inmate check their messages. Any phone messages can be left at the Inmate Message line at (507) 571-2172. Instructions for the voice mail system are played on that line. Messages are not confidential. It is the inmate’s responsibility to check their messages.