Inmate Commissary and Account System

Commissary System:

The Faribault County Jail has a commissary system in place. Inmates may purchase different items from the commissary. Items in the commissary are including but not limited to snack foods, personal hygiene products, playing cards, puzzle books, phone cards, writing and drawing products. Personal medical products may also be purchased through the commissary.

The inmate must fill out an order form for commissary items and staff will fill these requests at night with time permitting. Purchased items will be handed out once per day. There are limits to the number of items that may be purchased and we do not assure of a complete stock on a daily basis. The inmate must also have money in their account for the items purchased. There are NO returns for any item purchased.

Inmate Account System:

The inmate account system works similar to a debit card. Money is deposited into the inmates account and is debited at the time an item is purchased or service is provided. If the inmate has Huber privileges the Huber fee is deducted from this account also. The inmate can only go into a negative balance for medical needs and any future deposits to the account apply to this balance first.

Anyone may deposit money into an inmate account by using the kiosk located in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office or by using the vendors website.