Faribault County Fines

Speeding 1-10 MPH over posted limit$125
Speeding 11-14 MPH over posted limit$135
Speeding 15-19 MPH over posted limit$145
Speeding 20-25 MPH over posted limit (20 over limit doubles fine)$225
Speeding 26-30 MPH over posted limit (20 over limit doubles fine)$285
Speeding 31+ MPH over posted limit (20 over limit doubles fine)$385
Inattentive Driving$125
Sign and Signal Violation$135
Turning, Starting, Signaling Violation$135
Passing and Lane Violation$135
Failure to Yield Violations EXCEPT Emergency Vehicle$135
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle$185
Expired License Plates$115
Fail to Transfer Title$177
Highway Stopping/Backing/Parking Violation$127
Open Bottle - Driver (First Offense)$377*
Open Bottle - Passenger$215
Illegal Window Tint$117
Equipment Violation Except Brakes$117
Police Scanner in Motor Vehicle$287
Motorcycle, Motor Bike/Scooter Violation$127
Exhibition Driving/Unreasonable Acceleration$117
No Driver's License in Possession$97
Fail to Use Child Restraint$127
Use Cell Phone with Provisional License (NEW LAW)$127
Fail to Use Seatbelt$102
No Insurance, No Proof of Insurance$577
Small Amount Litter (can or bottle)$137

* = Mandatory Court Appearance

You must appear in court if:

  1. You plead not guilty or guilty with an explanation. (Not guilty plea can be accepted by phone or letter).
  2. You are involved in an accident

Failure to pay, appear or contact the court on or by the court date given on your ticket may result in driver's license suspension (any state), a warrant being issued and increased fines.