Civil Process Fee Schedule

Faribault County Jail Fee Schedule 
Huber Fee$25/day
Medical Health Co-Pay by Prisoner$10/visit
Prisoner Out of County Boarding$60/day
Court Ordered Intoxilizer Testing$5
Court Ordered U/A$10
U/A Test (In House)$10
U/A Test (Certified)$30
Finger Printing (Applicant)$10
Civil Process Fee Schedule
Service of Process, plus mileage (see below)$35
Duplicate Certificate of Service$10
Execution Levy6%
Posting Three Notice of Sale$35
Foreclosure of Mortgage$100
Defendants Not Found$35
Redemption of Property from a Sheriff's Sale$250
Selling of Real Property on Foreclosure Sale$100
Selling of Personal Property on Sheriff's Sale$100
Copies of Police Report$5 + .25/each addl. page
Copies of Photographs$5/picture
Digital Photos$5/page
Copies of Videotapes$20
Copies of Squad Videotapes$250
Processing Permit to Carry a Gun (New)$100
Processing Permit to Carry a Gun (Renewal)$75
Duplicate Permit to Carry/Address Change$10
Vehicle Storage Fee$30/day
Non-Sifficient Funds Charge$40
Background Check$5
Mileage Rates

.575 per mile

Bricelyn42 Miles$24.15
Brush Creek28 Miles$16.10
Delavan26 Miles$14.95
Easton38 Miles$21.85
Elmore20 Miles$11.50
Frost28 Miles$16.10
Guckeen12 Miles$6.90
Huntley26 Miles$14.95
Kiester56 Miles$32.20
Minnesota Lake54 Miles$31.05
Walters50 Miles$28.75
Wells56 Miles$32.20
Winnebago20 Miles$11.50
City of Blue Earth $5.00

Milage based on the IRS, subject to change as the IRS changes their Mileage rates.