Construction Projects

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2019 Construction News and Update (11/7/2019):
  • CSAH 15 from CP RR to Bishop: Complete reconstruction including water, sanitary,storm, sidewalk, curb and aggregate surface. Paving is completed and 15 is open to traffic. Minor work and cleanup remains.
  • 2019 Overlay Projects
  • CSAH 12 from West County Line to 8th St. in Winnebago: Pavement Rehabilitation: All work is complete except for punch list items.
  • CSAH 63: Welk, Commerce and Industrial Dr. in the Blue Earth West Industrial Park: Pavement Rehabilitation: All work is complete except for punch list items.
  • CSAH 15 from TH 109 to CSAH 18: Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) and paving is complete. Shouldering is 75% complete. Centerline striping is done, shoulder stripes and downtown parking stripes will be done in 2020.
  • TH 253 and TH 254: All work is complete. On October 1, 2019 TH 253 became CSAH 17 and TH 254 became CSAH 23.
2019 Bridge Projects:
  • Replace Bridge 2741 on 60th St. in Rome Twp.: All work is complete.
  • Replace Bridge 2742 on 500th Ave. in Seely Twp.: All work is complete.
  • Huntley Railroad Crossing: CSAH 1 at the RR crossing in Huntley is open.
MN Department of Transportation Projects:
City of Blue Earth Project (updated 6/3/2019):
  • 13th, 15th, Moore & Galbraith Street Improvements: All work affecting Main Street and 14th Street has been completed.