Commercial Applicator Testing

The MN Department of Agriculture (MDA) is the authority regulating pesticide use in Minnesota. The MDA certifies applicators as qualified to obtain a license by when he or she passes an initial test.  Commercial pesticide applicator licenses are for anyone who applies any pesticide “for hire.” For hire means you charge or invoice for the service. 

It is MDA policy to allow pesticide applicators to be tested by their County Agricultural Inspector (CAI). The CAI assists in the testing of pesticide applicators to ensure that pesticide applications within the county are conducted by properly trained and licensed personnel.

Study Guides

Study Materials for exams may be ordered from University of Minnesota Bookstores Extension Publications online or call 612-301-3989.

At the Testing Location
  • Present your completed license application or provide confirmation of your online application and present payment to the test administrator.
  • Provide your driver’s license or other proof of identity.
  • Exams are given during normal business hours, but are not otherwise timed.