Camping Prices

Nightly Rate (Occupied)*$20.00/night
Nightly Rate (Unoccupied)*$5.00/night
Seasonal+ (Electric: Fri-Sun♦)$225.00/month (5/1-10/15)
Seasonal+ (Electric: Sat-Sun)$300.00/month (5/1-10/15)
Shelter Rental$50.00/night

Winter Storage**


* = 2 week maximum stay

+ = Seasonal sites are limited to 66% of the total available sites

♦ = Normal seasonal rate allows for use of electricity only on weekends. Use of electricity any other days during the month will result in the higher monthly fee. Example: If a camper chooses to activate an electrical A/C unit for just one day other than a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then the camper will pay a higher fee for the entire month. One refrigerator pre campsite is allowed without triggering the higher rate.

** = Faribault County is not liable for damage

  • The full monthly rate applies for full and partial month usage. There are no pro-rated rates.
  • Veterans will receive a $2.00/night discount or $25/month for seasonal.
  • All rates shown include tax.