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History:  Bricelyn gets is name from one of the
railroading pioneers, William E. Brice. Mr. Brice,
a business man from Mason City, Iowa, helped to
establish the rail lines in the area and soon after
businesses were established and small towns began
to form.

At first the town was named Brice, but of the Post
Office department insisted on a name change
because of the confusion with Mr. Brice's name.
Postmaster, K.O. Sandum, suggested Mrs. Brice's
name, which he thought to be Evelyn; it was later
discovered her name was Minnie.

Mr. Brice later moved back to Mason City and the
town of Bricelyn continued to grow. Auction of
town lots were held at 11 A.M. on Wednesday,
September 27, 1899.