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Bricelyn City Government
Meetings held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at the Community Center
Bricelyn City Hall
Box 338
Bricelyn, MN 56014
Phone: 507-653-4367 Fax: 507-653-4369

City Council

Arlen O'brien, Mayor  -  Phone: 507-653-4664

Michael Henning -  Phone: 507-653-4113

Rhonda Johnson  -  Phone:

Larry Burkhow - Phone: 507-653-4182

MaryJo Klingbeil - 507-653-4139

Kim Johnson, Clerk  -  Phone: 507-653-4367

David Albrant, Street Commissioner  -  Phone: 507-653-4367

Police-Faribault County Sherriff -  Phone: 507-526-5148

Important Numbers

Phone: 507-526-5148

Fire & Ambulance Department:                          Picture
    Meetings held 2nd Monday
    Training held 4th Monday

    Craig Stallkamp, Chief
    Arlen O'brien, Assistant Chief
    Sara Voges, Secretary
    Sara Voges, Ambulance Director

    Phone: 507-653-4367

Post Office

    Phone: 507-653-4691

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